fiendly neighborhood novelist (heathencorp) wrote in f3_i,
fiendly neighborhood novelist

untitled opus written on a napkin at work:

"'ello, lovely!"
"wha? did you say something, jonas?"
"me? no..."
"hmm... must be hearing things..."
"ova 'ere!"
"wha? who?"
"it's me, luv!"
"gah! jack! i'm supposed to be working! why're you here?"
"well, luv, i thought you could use a little... distractin', if ya savvy"
"uh... you do realize that you're a voice in my head at the moment, right?"
"i am? well, bugger. nevermind."
real world intrudes in the form of someone wanting lunch
"wait, where'd you go?"
"away-- like ya said to. ya changin' yer mind now?"
"well, it really is pretty boring here, and a wild, possibly bi-curious lecherous and lacivious real world intrudes again pirate might be just what i need... are you listening to me?"
"i'm sorry, luv, i just got distracted by yer beer"
"i thought you liked rum"
"a good import beer is a decent subsitute. you don't sell rum"
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