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fiendly neighborhood novelist

shippiness for everyone!

(on the day of the wedding, carter is in her office finishing up some work. o'neill walks by, sees her, backtracks, and enters the room)

o'neill: aren't you supposed to be getting married or something?

carter: that's not for, what, three hours yet? i just have to finish this (devolves into technobabble)

(o'neill waves his hands around until she closes her mouth)

o'neill: seriously. go get married.

(carter pauses and looks sheepish. o'neill raises and eyebrow.)

o'neill: is there something you aren't telling me?

carter: i'm not sure i want to get married

o'neill: don't want to get... do you know how hard it is to find a tux that'll fit teal'c??

carter: i'm just not sure it's the best thing for me to do right now...

(she gives him that significant look that comes right before their personal theme music starts to play)

o'neill: look, do you love the man?

carter: yes...

o'neill: then what's standing in your way?

(she throws her hands up in the air)

carter: god, why are you so dense??

o'neill: what?

carter: it's you, jack! you're standing in the way!

(he moves to the side a bit before he realizes what she's talking about)

o'neill: oh... oh! you mean...

(she nods)

o'neill: and you...

(she nods again)

o'neill: and i...

carter: yes, damnit, yes! i love you! (then, less loudly, so as not to gather any more low-rank extras at the door) i love you, okay? i always have. i probably always will. *that's* what's standing in the way.

(jack looks stunned. he sits down. he rubs his hands over his face and through his hair. he looks confused, then settles on disbelieving)

o'neill: you mean, all this time you've been going out with him, it was all just a distraction so you wouldn't think about... me?

carter: pretty much

o'neill: well why didn't you say so?

(he holds open his arms and they fly together, fall into the kiss they should've had five seasons ago when they first realized how they felt about eachother, and everyone watching at the door cheers. this brings them back to reality for a moment; jack lets her go and she leans against the worktop to steady herself. he goes over to the door and closes it, saying:)

o'neill: tell the guests the wedding's off... for now...

(he goes back to her.)

o'neill: now, where were we?

(fade out as they start making out big time)
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